Part of Victoria Medical Cancun temporarily closed after death

Victoria Medical Cancun. (PHOTO:

CANCUN — Victoria Medical Cancun was partially closed last week after a woman died.

A section of the medical facility was shut down by the Federal Commission for the Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris) after a 32-year-old woman died from internal hemorrhaging.

The woman arrived at the medical facility to give birth to her first child where she experienced internal bleeding. However, medical staff reportedly failed to activate code red by obstetric emergency for a blood transfusion, leading to the death of the new mother.

Victoria Medical Cancun. (PHOTO:
Victoria Medical Cancun. (PHOTO:

Cofepris has closed the facility’s operating rooms and surgery rooms where materials are kept. The closure took place as part of an operations and inspections procedure of private clinics when infrastructure deficiencies were detected within the clinic. 

An investigation into the death of the woman is still pending including an investigation for the gynecologist who attended to the woman.