Microsoft seeks Mexican millennials to change the world

Microsoft selects the best talent when it comes to target young professionals among the nearly 30 million millennials, residing in Mexico.

The company offers career opportunities for students and recent graduates of bachelor’s, master’s, MBA and doctorate through its programs of recruitment: Internship and MACH.

microsoft Mexican MillenialsOriginal image: “Reunión con el CEO de Microsoft y jóvenes de la iniciativa Microsoft YouthSpark.” byPresidencia de la República Mexicana, used underCC BY 2.0, via Flickr.

The most important thing for Microsoft is to count among its ranks candidates who have the vision and the potential to generate positive change in the world.

We believe that betting on young talent means bringing new ideas to continue empowering people and organizations around the world, a key aspect in an industry that does not respect tradition, only innovation,” said Elizabeth Arredon, University Recruiter.

Microsoft is constantly approaching public and private universities in the country, conducting meetings and conferences on various topics, participating in university job fairs, training students on the use of LinkedIn and helping them prepare their CV.

It even maintains contact with different professors and career directors to develop activities that help reinforce classroom knowledge, incorporating industry experience.

microsoft Mexican Millenials3

What kind of candidates does Microsoft seek for its programs?

Microsoft is open to all types of profiles as it has work opportunities for engineers, technology experts and areas as diverse as marketing, communication, finance, human resources, services and operations.

microsoft Mexican Millenials4

“We look for potential; talent that is concerned with finding solutions to current problems through technology and thus generate a positive impact on our society,” explained Ana Cecilia Dueñas, University Recruiter.

The multinational offers vacancies in Mexico City and in the corporate HQ located in Redmond, WA, USA, close to Seattle. For more information visit the Microsoft page.

By Elliot Bullman for Mexico News Network

Source: Mexico News Network



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