Legislator seeks investigation of bull shark fishing in Quintana Roo waters

Bull sharks. (PHOTO: Isla Mujeres Trips)

CANCÚN — Fishermen of Isla Mujeres and Puerto Juarez are using current bad weather conditions to launch themselves for the hunting of bull sharks, which has caused the curiosity of many and the condemnation of others, including Deputy Jose de la Peña, who demanded an investigation of this practice.

Bull sharks. (PHOTO: Isla Mujeres Trips)
Bull sharks. (PHOTO: Isla Mujeres Trips)

According to fishermen, during the cold fronts, sharks approach the coast, which is a relief for the fishermen, who cannot venture very far due to bad weather and the prohibition of other species, such as the octopus and the grouper.

The release of the bull shark carcasses in Isla Mujeres, in front of the Integral Port Administration, is a scene that is repeated each year around this season; however, the diffusion of these images in social networks has caused an immediate reaction among environmentalists, who condemned the practice.


The leader of the Partido Verde Ecologista, José de la Peña Ruiz de Chavez, has shared messages against this practice on his social media, demanding investigation.

It should be noted that the closed season for this species is between May and June. Although this species is not threatened, a permit for capture is required.

Source: noticaribe.com.mx