Jaguars captured on camera in Campeche nature reserve

Photo of jaguars was made by trap cameras. (PHOTO:

Trap cameras have verified the presence of three felines in the natural protected area Los Petenes that extends along the north coast of the state of Campeche.

César Romero, director of the Los Petenes Biosphere Reserve, said that there are “36 trap cameras that have been placed in three communities bordering the protected natural area.”

These animals have not been detected in this reserve for many years and were captured by the special cameras installed by the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas.

Cesar Romero added that they have “captured three larger cats within the protected natural area Los Petenes, being the jaguar, the puma and the ocelot.”

The trap cameras allow researchers to study the behavior of the felines.

Photo of jaguars was made by trap cameras. (PHOTO:
Photo of jaguars was made by trap cameras. (PHOTO:

Cesar Romero said that “one is to confirm the presence of the jaguar, another is to learn about the habits that this species has, for example, it has been seen to move more frequently at night.”

Authorities seek to prevent the extinction of these felines that are an emblem of the natural area of Los Petenes.

José Bravo Negrín, environmental attorney in Campeche, said that “through training and awareness of the communities that surround them so that they are the ones who in the end help us and help themselves to preserve the natural areas that with so much effort were established many years ago. ”

The sighting of the felines proves the good state of conservation of that reserve, he added.