Gov. Zapata cancels prior traffic tickets to encourage license plate renewals

The government of the state of Yucatan officially announced on Thursday, December 29, 2016, the cancellation of holdings, fines, surcharges and vehicles’ taxes (tenencias) for 2016 and previous years, in exchange for the citizens’ license plates renewal in 2017.

The provision was communicated by the Secretary of Government, Roberto Rodríguez Asaf, who indicated that this measure is taken in order to support the finances of Yucatecan families, and to have a reliable vehicle registry for better security in the state.

Rodríguez Asaf recalled that for eight years there has been no license plate renewal in the state.

This decree waives the payment of all traffic tickets, 2016 registration (tarjeta de circulación) and license plates.

This cancellation will take effect starting Monday January 9, 2017 and will benefit all citizens who complete the corresponding procedures before June 30.

In addition, he said that the design of the new plates is in line with the national regulations that makes letters and numbers more readable in favor of security.

Registo de Control Vehicular en Mérida Yuc. (Photo: SIPSE)

Unhappiness by some citizens
However, the announcement of the cancellation of debts and unpaid traffic fines for vehicle owners, far from becoming good news, generated displeasure in social networks among those who did meet their payments and procedures on time.

The annoyance was greater among those who came to make their payments just a few hours before the Secretary General announced that Governor Rolando Zapata Bello would issue a decree to cancel fines, surcharges, “tenencia” and “tarjeta de circulación“.

Replacement plates will cost $1,200 pesos per vehicle, and the state goverment estimates a recollection of $400 million pesos, as there are approximately 330,000 vehicles in the state.

Rolando Zapata Bello best governor in Mexico
Rolando Zapata Bello, governor of the state of Yucatan for the PRI Institutional Revolutionary Party, obtained the highest ranking in the last quarter of 2016, as the best governor, according to a survey by Covarrubias y Asociados, published by Mexico City’s news website.

According to a report by the agency, which has been engaged in the investigation of public opinion for 30 years, Yucatecans perceive that their state is better off than others in the country, both in global management and security, as well as in other issues such as transparency, support for education, and combatting corruption and poverty.