Consumers get the shaft for gasoline, propane, even tortillas

Photo: Pemex gas pump.

Gas stations, propane distributors and tortilla vendors have been in the sights of the federal consumer protection agency, which has levied fines of 21 million pesos for short liters, incomplete kilos and pricy tortillas.

Profeco said that along with the fines came criminal charges against six gas stations — one in the State of México, one in Mexico City and four in Puebla — for wilful and repeated illegal practices in the sale of automotive fuel.

Agency chief Ernesto Nemer said at a press conference that 191 gas stations had been fined for various irregularities and that 370 gas pumps had been immobilized for selling short liters. On top of that, 45 stations were fined a total of 250,000 pesos for refusing to allow their pumps to be verified.

Nemer said Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Puebla, Veracruz and Jalisco were those with the highest number of irregularities detected.
Photo: Pemex gas pump.
Pemex gas pump.

Meanwhile, 61 propane vendors were fined and another 23 had their operations suspended for selling incomplete kilograms of gas, failing to display prices and neglecting to provide documentation detailing consumption.

Similar infractions were found among tortillerías, as well as overcharging for their product.

Operations were ordered suspended at 470 for not displaying prices, overcharging and selling incomplete kilos.

Nemer said Profeco found tortillas were selling for as much as 19 pesos in the north of the country.