Authorities ID motorist who intentionally ran over police in Baja California

Baja California Government Secretary Francisco Rueda declared on Monday Jan. 9 that the suspect allegedly responsible for running down a group of police officers with a vehicle in Rosarito has been fully identified. The cops were part of a blockade of the Pemex storage terminal in this port.

He also pointed out that nine men were injured; one of them had a hip fracture, another one had a fractured leg and minor injuries.

Rueda told Formula Noticias local radio station that, “this is a criminal act of a subject who intentionally attacked police officers, public servants who were fulfilling their duty.”

In addition, Rueda said that, after the incident, authorities immediately concentrated on identifying and locating the vehicle used to run over the Public Security officers. He confirmed that the truck was found and the suspect was also identified.

“We have identified the suspect, and in coordination with the PGR and Attorney General of the State the man will be tracked down and arrested. The investigation file is already integrated and law enforcement agents will proceed to locate and stop him as soon as possible,” the government secretary concluded.