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$500M USD in new industry comes on line in Yucatan in 2017

by Yucatan Times
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This year Yucatan will begin to see the detonating of investments started in 2014 and 2015, when private enterprise invested more than 10 billion pesos ($500 million USD).

State economic development officials estimate that at the end of the six-year term the impact will exceed 17 billion pesos ($850 million USD), resources that result in the arrival of new industries such as commercial plazas, breweries, urban developments, supermarkets and hotels.

The Government of Yucatan stressed that companies such as Grupo Modelo, Kekén, Bachoco, Empaques Nova, Reyma and Agromaizza will invest together in this six-year period 16,7 billion pesos.

‘Yucatan becomes an area of opportunity and settlement for many companies’

It will be in March when Grupo Modelo’s brewing company starts operations with its plant of more than five billion pesos.

Another of the giants that will launch new incubators and processing plants is the Bachoco group, which contemplates an investment of 1.9 billion pesos.

The Kekén group projected resources for 7.6 billion pesos for this six-year period, and includes processing plants for the export of pork to China and the rest of Asia.

(PHOTO: sipse.com)

New industrial facility in Yucatan. (PHOTO: sipse.com)

In addition, the company Empaques Nova has an investment of 77 million pesos, Grupo Reyma 770 million, Agromaizza about 250 million and Eetisur another 122 million.

In that context, the leader of the Business Coordination Council (CCE), Mario Can Marín, said that Yucatan is called to become an industrial development, trade and service hub capable of helping the national economy in the creation of businesses other than the oil industry.

“We must be aware that from 2017 Mexico will cease to live from a single industry, which is oil, and in that sense Yucatan becomes an area of opportunity and settlement for many companies,” he explained.

Peso’s fall, an opportunity

The representative of the local private initiative stressed that the business sector should promote the creation of clusters around large companies to promote the supply of products and services. “Here are the niches of opportunity for local entrepreneurs, we must not let pass this great investment opportunity.”

Can Marin mentioned that the disparity of the peso against the dollar should be seen as an opportunity, since the large manufacturing companies in the industrial sector see Mexico as fertile land, since each of their dollars is transformed into 20 pesos, and of course their investments are more profitable in this country.

“We must look to the industries of great depth, so that they have an added value and when they are established in the State, that they are not maquiladoras industries, but manufacturing industries,” he explained.

More jobs and investment

For his part, the leader of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Mérida (Canacome), Juan José Abraham Dáguer, said that this year will be detonating for the industry in Yucatan.

He mentioned that large companies of the transformation industry will settle in the state this year, which translates into greater job creation and trigger of other investments.

He indicated that these investments will help to create more opportunities for employment in the state in 2017, as well as the arrival of other companies wishing to settle here.

Gustavo Cisneros Buenfil, leader of the Confederation of Employers of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex), mentioned that the arrival of very important clusters at national and international level to Yucatan, generate an important pole of economic development.

“The numbers show, we have multimillion-dollar investments that are coming to the entity, and they are companies of great weight in their branch and those are the ones who settle and give us opportunities to attract other companies,” he said.

The business leader stressed that infrastructure and social peace are two important factors attracting investments to the state.

He mentioned that the supply of natural gas is another of the fundamental pieces to be competitive in the regional market, so it is important to ensure the supply of this fuel for the local industry in general.

New generation

Mexico’s Universal Containers plant will be an important part of the new generation of industries in Yucatan, which reports a 75 percent increase in construction and local staff hired and trained to start up.

The factory expects an investment of more than 1.6 billion pesos in its construction and that when it comes into operation will produce two billion cans per year.

The Government of Yucatan stressed that it is the entrepreneurs who create the jobs, but the state has to generate the conditions for the investments to arrive.

Source: sipse.com

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