Internet connection arrives in rural San Antonio Tuk, Yucatán

San Antonio Tuk, Yuc. (Photo: CONAFE)

The installation of basic services is being carried out in the rural community of San Antonio Tuk, Yucatán; this remote location lacked any kind of services for more than 20 years.

On Tuesday December 13, with the support of the Secretary of Communications and Transportation (SCT), the Internet connection was installed and verified at the local school.

“This, in addition to other actions with the participation of the three orders of government, is something that ensures the future of our children, for a quality education”, said the National Council for Educational Development delegate in Yucatan, Jessica Saidén Quiroz.

The Consejo Nacional de Fomento Educativo (“National Council for Education Development”, CONAFE) is an institution under Mexico’s Federal Government created by presidential decree on 9 September 1971. Its responsibilities are to research, design, implement, operate, and evaluate new educational programs that could increase the education levels among the Mexican population, and could solve the cultural and educational problems of Mexican society.

San Antonio Tuk, Yuc. (Photo: CONAFE)

CONAFE’s educational programs are designed to fit the needs, interests, practices, and overall context of students living in rural areas, in dispersed communities inhabited by migrant workers, peasant or indigenous populations. These are all marginalized communities living under the poverty line.


Source: CONAFE