Culinary Tourism, the new trend that is placing Mérida on the map

Travel to the Yucatan Peninsula and enjoy one-of-a-kind cuisine which offers a wide array of different possibilities.

“You can go to Yucatan before or after the end of the world,” as goes a popular saying. And in fact, there is another old Mexican saying that goes: ” When all the world comes to an end, I will move to Yucatán“.

This phrase reflects the peace and tranquility that have characterized this marvelous land of the Mayab for centuries!

The truth is that just mentioning it makes one imagine a space where the culture of its people and its roots are lost in time and blended with a story starring Gonzalo Guerrero (the father of “mestizaje“) and how he set foot in this ancient Yucatecan land, becoming the first European to live with the Maya for years, and who proudly became one of them.

But there is absolutely no doubt that one of the most distinctive features placing the Yucatán on the map, is definitely its food.

Culinary tourism or food tourism is the exploration of food as the purpose of tourism. It is now considered a vital component of the tourism experience in many countries, and Mexico is no exception.

Dining out is common among tourists and “food is believed to rank alongside climate, accommodation, and scenery” in importance to tourists. The Yucatecan cuisine is positioning itself as one of the most original and valuable in terms of world heritage.


The exquisite Yucatecan cuisine is based on a mixture of ingredients used by the ancient Maya, which incorporate flavors brought from Europe with later contributions from the Caribbean and Middle East.

Tacos de Cochinita Pibil (Photo: Tupperware)
Tacos de Cochinita Pibil (Photo: Tupperware)

Yucatecan cuisine is recognized in Mexico and the world. It is largely a result of its former isolation from the rest of the country, and its constant interaction with Europe, Cuba and New Orleans via its ports.

Relleno Negro (Photo:
Relleno Negro (Photo:

An exquisite combination of condiments and spices like pumpkin seed, oregano, purple onion, sour orange, achiote, sweet pepper, cilantro, habanero and xcatic peppers, produces famous Yucatecan cuisine.

Panucho (Photo: Google)

The menu of our delicious cuisine contains a variety of scents and colors with dishes ranging from Cochinta Pibil, Panuchos, Salbutes, Poc Chuc, Lime soup, to delicious Relleno Negro and Queso Relleno.

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