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Conditions at PDC General Hospital criticized

by Yucatan Times
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Just a kilometer from one of the properties owned by the state government, and which former governor Roberto Borge Angulo ceded for free, is the General Hospital of Playa del Carmen, where the poor medical care received by the inhabitants of Quintana Roo exposes the abandonment in which the governmental hospital system operates, inherited by the administration of Borge Angulo and his former Secretary of Health, Juan Lorenzo Ortegón Pacheco.

Ill-treatment, lack of beds, ambulances, medicines, elevator and equipment in poor condition, medical personnel insufficient to attend to the growing population, coupled with the looting of materials and food, are only part of the problem that became more acute in Borge’s term as governor.

Laura Esther Beristain Navarrete, president of the Health Commission of the Fifteenth Legislature, said that “there was a deviation, the doctors working there report that there are still deviations, even in the supplies that are bought today.”

Multiple complaints from patients, and local medical staff, recently left one of the specialists out of work.

In an interview with MVS News, the surgeon general, Oscar Hernández, dismissed for publicly exposing the irregularities.

Playa del Carmen General Hospital. (PHOTO: tabascohoy.com)

Playa del Carmen General Hospital. (PHOTO: tabascohoy.com)

In a video and photographs held by MVS News, provided by hospital staff, one can see the conditions faced by doctors and nurses in some vital areas such as the operating room.; On occasion the surgeon was without light for about half an hour around the patient, when he underwent major surgery.

Another video broadcast on social networks shows the area of childbirth with water leaks, which like the kitchen, flood the site.

According to testimonies gathered in the place, among other problems, the overheating received by some areas with cribs near an old heater, put babies at risk, and they suffer burns; coupled with the lack of basic inputs such as gloves, gauze, syringes, drugs and chemical reagents.

The deficiencies were confirmed even by the priest of Playa del Carmen, Pablo Pérez Guajardo, who assured that in Cancerology there are no supplies and when there is a burn, it is necessary to transfer it to Cancun to Mérida “.

The director of the hospital, José Bolio Rosado, clearly denied deficiencies in medical care, lack of medication and maintenance of the equipment.

In contrast, the Secretary of Organization of the Union of the Secretary of Health of the Northern Zone, Juan Lorenzo Aguilar Blanco, said that for six months there have been significant shortcomings.

At the side of the main hospital building, some parts were left unfinished. The hospital was inaugurated in 2011 by the then President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón and Roberto Borge.

Source: tabascohoy.com

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