Yucatecan children from rural communities stand for their rights

In an event organized by the Family Integral Development Office of Yucatan (Desarrollo Integral de la Familia: DIF Yucatan), children from different communities who attend elementary schools of the National Council for Educational Development (Consejo Nacional de Fomento Educativo: CONAFE), and are part of the State Network of Boys, Girls and Teens Diffusers of their Rights (Red Estatal de Niñas, Niños y Adolescentes Difusores de sus Derechos), held a meeting Tuesday November 15, at the sports facilities of the Taxi Driver’s Union in Mérida.

In support of the children representing CONAFE, their delegate in Yucatan, Jessica Saidén Quiroz, highlighted the enthusiastic participation of children from communities, who always participate in projects to promote their values and rights.


As part of the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of Children and Adolescents (25 aniversario de la convención de los derechos de las niñas, niños y adolescentes), an exhibition of banners and posters was presented.


The federal official emphasized that the presence of these children that come from rural communities is very important in these events, as this consolidates a more inclusive education for the people that live in rural zones, that are remote and difficult to access, but represent a majority in the state of Yucatan.


Source: (Consejo Nacional de Fomento Educativo) CONAFE