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What should expats do in case of death in the Yucatan?

by Yucatan Times
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The Yucatan Peninsula features 38 general and honorary consular agencies serving their fellow citizens in their stay, residence and death.

Thirteen consulates are located in Merida and 25 in Quintana Roo.

In cases of death of foreigners in Yucatan, international collaboration between Mexico and the country in question provides the means to make the funeral and repatriation arrangements.

The coordinator of the consular corps Yucatan, Mario Ancona Teigell, explains what happens when foreigners die in Yucatan, based on information in the “Manual on Access and Consular Notification,” published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This document provides that at the death of a foreigner, the authorities must notify this event, without delay, to the consular post in whose district the death occurred.

This facilitates, among other things, contact with the relatives of the deceased, aid in the process of transporting the body or ashes to their place of origin (where applicable), registration of death to the foreign government and protection of the individual’s assets and safeguarding the rights of potential heirs (if any).

Also, contact with the consular office could facilitate the delivery of personal belongings, money and valuables of the person who died in Mexico, by issuing a simple receipt of the consular officer.

Ancona Teigell explained that the action is divided into two parts: 1. natural or 2. unnatural death (accident, suicide or homicide). In the second condition, the red tape associated with judicial proceedings can take weeks and even more than a year when the case is not resolved.

“The authorities in case of accident, homicide and suicide, as they know the nationality of the deceased, contact the consulate and our work is to contact the consulate general to begin the search for the family, explain the causes of death and define what will happen to the body, if you want to cremate, bury or repatriate ashes or coffin, the latter will depend on whether it is under investigation,” he explained.

To this end, health authorities and the general prosecutor’s office are linked to the local level and then with their foreign counterparts.

He noted that the shipment of remains is specialized and operates through the services of a funeral home to make sure the packaging is correct for transportation. If the body remains in Yucatan the service averages 10 to 12,000 pesos, and if sent, the fee rises from 15 to 20,000 pesos and air transportation rate and adds in the homeland of the deceased.

Multicultural presence
Yucatan has 13 consular representations.

General Consulates

1.- USA
Cónsul: David Micó
Calle 60 #338K por 29 y 31, colonia Alcalá Martín
[email protected]

2.- Cuba
Cónsul: Mario Jorge García
Calle 1D #320 entre 40 y 42, colonia Campestre
[email protected]

Honorary Consulates

Cónsul: Wolfgang Rudolf Kresse González
Calle 51 #329 por 52 y 54, Fracc. Francisco de Montejo
[email protected]

Cónsul: Miguel Aldredo Dutton Derlorme
Calle 53 #498 por 56 y 58, centro
[email protected]

Cónsul: José Antonio Abraham Xacur
Calle 65 #455 int. B por 50 y 52, centro
924 6821
[email protected]

Cónsul: José Aristi Arcila
Calle 35 #198 por 18 y 26, Fracc. Brisas
9991 666464
[email protected]

Víctor Manuel Gómez Rodríguez
Calle 50 #402 D por 33, colonia Jesús Carranza
[email protected]

Cónsul: Mario Ancona Teigell
Calle 60 #385 por 41 y 43, centro
[email protected]

9.- Greece
Cónsul: Raúl Abraham Marud
Anillo Periférico #12512, colonia Pacabtún
[email protected]

10.- Holland
Cónsul: José E. Gutiérrez López
Calle 64 #418 por 47 y 49, centro
[email protected]

11.- Honduras
Cónsul: Suzette Gavidia Arias
Calle 54 #486 por 57 y 59 centro

12.- Lebanon
Cónsul: Roberto Abraham Mafud
Calle 23 #143 A por 32 y 34, colonia Buena Vista
[email protected]

13.- Luxemburg
Cónsul: José Luis Ponce García
Calle 25 #500-B x 58-A
[email protected]


Source: http://sipse.com/milenio/casos-extranjeros-muerte-yucatan-consulados-honorarios-generales-228929.html

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