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TYT readers react to Trump’s victory

by Yucatan Times
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A number of U.S. citizens who read The Yucatan Times have contacted TYT to express their opinions on Donald Trump’s victory. The following are some of their comments:


I’m too shocked to say much.  I went to bed thinking it could go either way, but trusting Hilary would win and woke up to the news with as much disbelief as most are experiencing.  This is actually the perfect excuse to move back to Merida!

Allison Kern Nevins (Texas, USA)


I went from being proud to live in this country and belong to an inclusive society, to feel ashamed of the United States of America. I think that we went from being a role model, to become the laughingstock of the whole world.

It’s sad to see that much of what you hate of the human race, is precisely the choice of so many other people.

Jacob Strimling (Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)


The truth is that not everything about Trump is wrong, he has made several good points, the purchasing power of the American people has deteriorated a lot in the last 20 years because Washington is sold to special interests. Such as the insurance companies, which have doubled and even tripled their rates, since obamacare, that was a great blow to the middle class’ income. The government only responds to the interests of corporations, oil companies or weapon makers. 10 trillion dollars have been spent in a war that is not popular and a large number of jobs have gone to other countries.

This was one of the most polarizing elections in US history, many friendships were lost because of this division, and only time will tell if this election was a hit or the most serious error in history.

In my opinion, American people is just tired and dissapointed of the “Establishment” and decided to vote for an individual that is an outsider, that goes against the system.

Just for the record, I did not vote for Trump.

Daniel Salvans (Peoria, Illinois, USA)


The feeling I perceive in the Hispanic community is one of fear, anguish and insecurity due to the rhetoric of Trump’s campaign. Frustration and even some discomfort among caucasians in the urban areas who can not yet digest the fact that the ignorance prevailing in the rural vote has tilted the balance so markedly.

In a nutshell: “We are screwed.” I just hope I am wrong and that whoever is responsible to keep this guy on a leash can do it. We just have to wait and see.

Pepe Huerta (Aurora, Illinois, USA)


As a resident of the state of Florida I was surprised on the amount of Trump supporters there are in this state, especially in the area of Orlando where I live. And despite the fact that there is a large Hispanic population here, unexpectedly Trump dominated in the polls

We just have to wait and see from here on.

Gus Baez (Orlando, Florida, USA)


I’m glad we have a business person, not a corporate owned puppet in office. Who cares about his past? We all have one. He has been a billionaire playboy for a LONG time. Of course he’s said and done “radical” things, so what? We all have poop. This is a first for our nation, and could be a very much needed shift. We shall see.

(Bill Kurfess, California, USA)


Democrats chose a person whose own party had to rig their own primary elections to get her nominated? Who as Secretary of State engaged in extortion and bribery for personal gain, and who couldn’t be trusted with secure documents?

A majority of people in this country opted to vote in a boorish man of somewhat questionable character rather than a known criminal… a true example of the lesser of two evils. It’s that simple. And no one, from either side of the aisle, has ever followed through on even 15% of any of the things floated during a campaign.

The really sad part is that either of the two candidates were the best their respective parties could come up with.

(Colin Scott, Oregon, USA)


First: the charge of rape against Trump has been dropped and proven to have been just another false narrative of the Clinton gang.

Second: Yay for President Donald Trump.

Third: I believe that he will be better than anyone imagines, naysayers aside.

The only ones who should be apprehensive are those that are in our country illegally, men who think they belong in womens’ locker rooms and lazy welfare recipients who could be working. Many of us work hard and pay our taxes only to have all of the benefits given to those who don’t work for it or can’t because they shouldn’t be here anyway.

(Ann Jordan, Anchorage, Alaska, USA)

The opinions expresssed here are the readers’ and do not necessarily reflect those of The Yucatan Times.


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