Progreso malecon showed damage from tidal swells. (PHOTO:

Tidal swells continue to wreak havoc in Yucatan ports, where inhabitants and tourists are affected by floods, tidal waves, sargazo and even crocodiles.

Residents of San Felipe reported damages on flooded streets and private lands where water entered.

In some sectors the water reached 25 centimeters in height, and it was feared that the humidity would bring diseases to children.

In Rio Lagartos, the sea crossed the malecón and flooded streets, where according to neighbors there also could be seen some crocodiles that were dragged by the swells. No incidents were reported with the crocodiles.

In Progreso, for the second day in a row, the swells impacted the cruise and fishing industries. Fishing was suspended since Monday Nov. 14.

Progreso malecon showed damage from tidal swells. (PHOTO:
Progreso malecon showed damage from tidal swells. (PHOTO:

Coastal residents reported yesterday that they are seeing impacts on catches of various fish species, octopus and even lobster diving, by remnants of the tidal swells, which began on Saturday Nov. 12 and intensified on Monday afternoon.

Service providers, in turn, reported low sales on the day of the Carnival Fantasy cruise, even though it came from the United States.

In addition, the tidal sea bottom destroyed part of the foundation and the base of the concrete sidewalk of the international malecon.