SECTUR wants to go for the “whole enchilada”

Mexico’s Tourism Secretariat seeks to promote Mexican gastronomy as a world-class tourist attraction.

This seeks to strengthen the economy of those establishments all over the country, engaged in selling traditional Mexican food .

Mexico is a nation that has much to offer, from its beaches to its traditions, its culture, and obviously its unique cuisine.


Mexican cuisine is one of the most loved ones, thanks to its diversity of flavors and combination of ingredients, and now the Tourism Secretariat (Sectur) seeks to promote it worldwide as a tourist attraction.

During the VIII International Festival Taste is Morelos, which took place in Cuernavaca, Salvador Sanchez, undersecretary of Quality and Regulation of the Tourism Secretariat said that with the richness of the Mexican cuisine, today we can offer foreign tourists an unforgetable experience.


This year the festival had as guests of honor Spain and Guanajuato, and their representatives emphasized during the celebration that using Mexican Cuisine as a tourist attraction could be a great way to support the economy.

Moreover it will also help strengthen the diverse traditional cuisines of Mexico and comprehensively promote gastronomy and culinary arts as a tourist attraction for the whole country.


Mexico has 515 thousand restaurants, taquerías and eateries of all kinds and different categories, but they all have one in thing in common, they are all dedicated to sell food. All this businesses together generate jobs for about 1.4 million people, which represents 6.6% of the formal workers in the country.

All tourist destinations in Mexico must have a varied menu to offer, as long as we concentrate in our traditions, plus it is worth mentioning that most of the foreign tourists, who have tried Mexican food, are surprised by the amount of different flavors that this has to offer.




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