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Russia and Italy to open diplomatic offices in Cancun

by Yucatan Times
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With the new consulates from Russia and Italy, Cancun will be the 4th city with the biggest number of foreign diplomatic offices.

In view of the strong European touristic flow in Cancun, more and more European countries are interested in having some kind of diplomatic representation in this popular destination, therefore, Russia and Italy will have consulates in Quintana Roo, before the year comes to an end.

Sylvia Saldaña Gutierrez, the state’s delegate of the Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores, declared that, because Cancun receives 70% of all international tourists that come to the country –which each year amount to more than 8 million– a lot of nations are interested in having a consulate to support their fellow nationals, should any problem arise during their vacations.

She added that, both for the state and the country, it is important to protect and care for the tourists and that the consular corps have successfully consolidated this job, by generating more ways to support the travelers.


Sylvia Saldaña Gutierrez, state’s delegate of the Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores (Photo: Google)

Saldaña Gutierrez explained that most consuls are honorary and don’t preceive any salary from the governments they represent, other than the honor of holding that diplomatic title.

With the coming opening of the Russian and Italian consulates, Cancun will have a total of 39 diplomatic representations, placing it on 4th place in this category, right behind Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara.

Saldaña Gutierrez mentioned that other countries have manifested their interest in having a diplomatic office in the famous beach destination, namely Turkey, Colombia and El Salvador, and that by the end of the year they’ll know how many more will assign a consul.

She also pointed out that there are temporary consuls from Guatemala and Argentina, who come specifically during the high  season to attend their co-nationals.

By Renán Moguel for Mexico News Network

Source: http://www.mexiconewsnetwork.com

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