Man arrested in Merida’s bus station with $64,000 USD in cash

On Monday November 7, Merida Municipal Police officers detained Miguel Alonzo O., carrying a backpack with more than one million pesos in one-hundred dollar bills US.

The subject was stopped at the CAME bus terminal in downtown Merida, when a dog from the K-9 Unit sniffed him and found him in possession of marijuana.

It was just a scant amount of the drug though — a wrapper with 1.5 grams of marijuana — but he was carrying the weed inside the same backpack in which he had $ 64,100 USD, as well as $ 1,192 pesos in national currency.

Photo: Formal Prision

He was arrested because he could not prove the legal origin of the money.

He was accompanied by other suspects, who traveled to Merida from Cancún and who allegedly belong to a criminal network.

The man was placed under custody by the PGR and then taken to the First District Judge, Specialized in the Accusatory Criminal System, who decreed the detention as legal, for his alleged responsibility in operations with resources of illicit origin, in his hypothesis of possession of resources.