Four short films to be screened at La Cúpula Nov. 17

Ric Kokotovich. (PHOTO:

Four short films in English produced by Canadian photographer/artist Ric Kokotovich will be screened at Merida’s La Cúpula Cultural Center starting at 8 p.m. Thursday Nov. 17. Admission is free.

Thursday, November 17, 8pm
English speaking movie night with an introduction by Ric Kokotovich.

Claire, 1996 (14’58”)
A woman has an epiphany while driving back home with husband from her best friend’s funeral.

Beauty Crowds Me, 1998 (8’21”)
A sensual narrative meditation, on three Emily Dickinson poems.

Opening Night, 2001 (9’02”)
An exploration of the moment — the breath taken — before the first note of an opera opening night.

Directed by Julie Trimingham
Produced by Cracker Films
(Ric Kokotovich and Julie Trimingham)

Ric Kokotovich. (PHOTO:
Ric Kokotovich. (PHOTO:








Centro Cultural la Cúpula

Calle 54 # 407 x 41 y 43

Colonia Centro

Merida 97000

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