Commentary: Disenchanted Americans welcome in the “independent republic” of Mahahual

Welcome to Mahahual (Photo:

Stewart E. Rogers Jr., originaly from Greenville South Carolina, is now a resident  of Mahahual, Quintana Roo, where he has been living for several years now. Stewart wrote a satire on his blog, and some of his readers in the US even thought it was for real! Check it out.

If you don’t like the US election results, you can always move south to the newly formed ”República Independiente de Mahahual”, or in English, the “Independent Republic of Mahahual“.

The Republic of Mahahual was formed recently, and they are now accepting refugees from all over the world.

Because of Mahahual’s isolation, being surrounded by water and jungle, and being so far from Mexico City, Mahahual has decided to become self-governed. Since it is practically ignored by the Mexican government, this territory has decided to become independent.

Mahahual is shooting to become the Monte Carlo of the Caribbean, a self-governed independent republic.

Welcome to Mahahual (Photo:
Welcome to Mahahual (Photo:

Future elections are planned, decided by the people, and will be open to everyone. Also Mahahual will be more like the Grand Cayman islands, an independent Caribbean entity.

So, if you are not happy with the political situation in the USA and/or Europe, and are looking for a place to get away, come to the Republic of Mahahual.  No one will be turned away, they will accept anybody wanting to live free and express themselves.

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