Cancun officials round up Uber cars. (PHOTO:

CANCUN – Officials of Cancun and nearby cities have arrested dozens of Uber drivers and taken their cars to the impound lot until drivers pay fines of about $ 2,800 USD each.

The state government of Quintana Roo says the ride-sharing service is offering illegal transport services.

Uber says about 100 of its drivers’ vehicles had been seized in the last week and 96 of them were carrying Cancun residents, not tourists.
Cancun officials round up Uber cars. (PHOTO:
Cancun officials round up Uber cars. (PHOTO:

Uber says that fines are exorbitant and has alleged “threats and violence against drivers, customers and tourists.”

Transportation Secretary Jorge Portilla says Uber violated a state law banning unlicensed transport services, and Uber knew about the law beforehand.

Portilla says Uber has affected the income of licensed taxi drivers.