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Can waste and garbage fuel Mexico’s future?

by Yucatan Times
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Finland proposes to use waste to create new sources of clean, green energy in Mexico.

Mexican authorities and private companies see this as an important opportunity.

Several Finnish entrepreneurs have seen in Mexico a great window of opportunity to invest in power generation using waste and debris.


According to Helena Sarén, Program Director of Energy, Bioenergy and Innovation from FinPro, in Mexico there are municipalities that do not know what to do with the waste generated, and landfills are saturated, and it would be a great way to use that resource for the benefit of the people and also return it to nature.

Finland is a country that could offer Mexico world-class solutions, and five of its entrepreneurs presented their business schemes to state and municipal governments.


Currently 40% of the energy generated in Finland comes from renewable sources, and power plants use waste as raw material in order to produce heat and electricity, which is intended to be used at cities and residential areas.

Mexico represents an opportunity because of the interest generated by the energy reform the use of renewable energies, in addition to the commitment we have as a country to promote the use of clean energy.


The national goal is to produce 35% of energy from renewable sources by 2024 and reach 40% by 2035, making Finland’s proposal an important step towards that goal.

Finnish companies who visited the country this month were BMH Technology, a specialist in integrated supply production plants SRF (solid recovered fuels) and solid fuels handling systems for power plants and cement kilns.


Another company was Cross Wrap, a world leader in the manufacture of automatic packaging machines and bale opening for the waste industry, among others.

Source: http://www.mexiconewsnetwork.com/

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