Burger King Russia commemorates Trump’s triumph with new burger

Burger King Russia (Photo: Reuters)

According to several media outlets in Eastern Europe and other places in the world, Burger King Russia decided to celebrate Donald Trump’s victory and his designation as the 45th President of the United States of America, by releasing a new hamburger known as the… The Trump Burger.

According to Sputnik News Website, the restaurant chain made the following announcement on Friday November 11: “After the result on the recent U.S elections, Burger King Russia will shortly launch the new “Trump Burger“.

Burger King Russia (Photo: Reuters)
Burger King Russia (Photo: Reuters)

“In fact, this new item is a variation of the “Angriest Whopper”, but the only difference is that you cannot order any sauces or ingredients of Mexican origin to go along with the sandwich”, Burger King Russia allegedly stated.

The “Angriest Whopper” is typically served with a complement of hot and spicy Mexican culinary flavored ingredients, including the chain´s well known “spiciest
burger sauce”, as well as jalapeño peppers and onion rings.

Burger King has not yet confirmed the authencity of this story.

Source: https://sputniknews.com/