Authorities expect to make two arrests in Aristi Gasque murder


Yucatan authorities have identified two suspects in the murder of 33-year-old Merida businessman Rafael Aristi Gasque: Gerson Pineda, with whom Aristi had a relationship, and Jesús Enrique Magaña Flores. Authorities allege the pair perpetrated the brutal homicide to rob Aristi.

The alleged accomplices, who are expected to be detained soon, took large sums of money from the deceased’s bank credit cards between Sunday and Monday Nov. 6-7.

To identify the victim and find the corpse, investigators recreated the last hours of the deceased. So it was learned that the three were drinking at the PK-2 bar, which they left at midnight on Saturday and moved to the Rush bar, located in Paseo de Montejo.

At 2 a.m. the three left the bar with the intention of following the party at Gerson’s house, in fracc. John Paul II.

On leaving, a transvestite warned Aristi not to go with Magaña Flores because of his bad reputation of having assaulted several clients. However, Aristi ignored him and along with his perpetrators boarded a taxi.

The taxi left them in the vicinity of the Segey building.

Murder victim Rafael Aristi Gasque and the vacant lot where his body was found. (PHOTO:
Murder victim Rafael Aristi Gasque and the vacant lot where his body was found. (PHOTO:

Investigators believe the three continued on foot until at one point the subjects attacked Aristi and entered the vacant lot located at 25th street by 40A.

The subjects hit him on the forehead and face with a pipe. The blow broke the nasal septum and split the upper jaw, causing him to lose teeth.

Already on the ground, they threw stones of different sizes to the death. The face and the occipital area were shattered.

The subjects then stripped the body of his cell phone, wallet, watch, gold chain and bank cards.

From the bank data it was learned that the suspects took different amounts of money from the cards.

On Sunday, relatives of the victim reported his disappearance, which is why the investigations were initiated.

They visited the places where the businessman was and from recordings of the closed-circuit cameras identified the companions, the person who warned the victim and the numbers of the cabs they boarded on Sunday.

Then the taxi driver was located, who indicated the place where he left three o’clock Sunday morning.

Based on these data, invesstigators began to “comb” the area until they found the place where the corpse of the young businessman was discovered.

It is waiting for the Control judge to issue the arrest warrant to arrest those allegedly responsible for this brutal homicide.

Both suspects have a long criminal record of simple theft, robbery with violence and injuries.

According to some versions, Gerson Pineda and Magaña Flores have a sentimental relationship, so they were looking for ways to get rid of Aristi Gasque.