Ajijic/Lake Chapala is like the aunt you always wanted (Road Trip Part 19)

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We continue our Mexico road trip series with Chuck Bolotin, from Best Places in the World to Retire, as he, his wife, and two dogs drive through Mexico in a large, white van.  This story tells how the famous expat area of Ajijic and Lake Chapala in general are like the aunt you always wanted.

Wouldn’t it have been nice if, when you were growing up, you had an aunt who was always there when you needed her, who understood you, who always seemed to know what you needed and gave it to you, but who didn’t ask for anything in return?  The one who, if you got into an argument with your parents, you could go to?  Who would not be judgmental, and would help to make everything right? Putting aside the lopsidedness of such a relationship, we came to view Ajijic as that aunt.

It started with a rather practical need.  We had…

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The author's wife at Thai restaurant in Ajijic. (PHOTO: Chuck Bolotin)
The author’s wife at Thai restaurant in Ajijic. (PHOTO: Chuck Bolotin)