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Valladolid artisans lament lack of tourists at Craft Center

by Yucatan Times
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In the “Craft Center” of Valladolid, Yucatán, women artisans said recently that their sales have been really low, due to the fact that tourists don’t visit this place regularly, event though they usually stop in the city during daylight hours.

“In most cases, tourists only reach the Craft Center when they need public restrooms, and don’t buy anything”, said one of the artisans.

They also commented that this period is considered as low season, and they just take the opportunity to sell a little when it is payday.

“Our clients are usually locals and not foreign people, the tourists normally do not buy anything, because in the most cases, they are only passing,” said a woman artisan.

One of the women said sadly: “We only see how does the day pass, and at the end of the workday, we don’t sell any craft.”


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“However, our pride in the tradition has an impact in us that allows us to continue working in our handicrafts, because it is no longer business as it was before.

“Despite whether we sell or not, we have to pay the rent of the premises. The costs are a thousand pesos, in addition to paying the light bill, which is near 200 pesos.”

According to Por Esto! newspaper, at the Craft Center artisans were sitting on the doorsteps of their premises; some others people were there looking at handmade outfits that are exhibited in the premises rented by the municipality.

Other artisans remember wistfully when they used to sell their hipiles, suits, embroidered garments and petticoats next to the main park “Francisco Canton Rosado“, the place from which they were removed years ago by the authorities in order to be placed in the new “Craft Center”.

One artisan said: “At that time, every day was good, because we had a direct contact with tourism, both domestic and foreign visitors who came to the city, but now it is hard to see them in this facilities, adding to lack of promotion among the tourism providers.”

Source: http://www.yucatanalamano.com/

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