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“The world has been turned upside down”: Spencer Tunick

by Yucatan Times
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According to Mexico News Daily website, American photographer Spencer Tunick says the world has been turned on its head, thanks in large part to pronouncements by United States presidential candidate Donald Trump.

So Tunick’s latest work is intended to illustrate that upside-down world.

Yesterday, in the colonial city of San Miguel de Allende, the internationally renowned photographer put 20 nude people on their heads and took photos.


Volunteers – from Mexico and abroad – wander the shoot site naked (Image: Reuters/ mirror.co.uk)

The volunteer models, Mexicans and foreigners, were positioned upside down on a hill at Rancho Los Senderos, bodies straight, legs together, a position aided by metal rods that had been driven into the ground to provide support.

The photo shoot, Tunick’s second in San Miguel, took place in conjunction with the city’s annual Calaca Festival, a Day of the Dead event that began yesterday and runs until Tuesday.


A man carries a woman on his back before the shoot (Image: Reuters/ mirror.co.uk)

According to the newspaper El Universal, Tunick said Day of the Dead celebrations could never happen in the United States, because everyone is afraid of death. “And this fear of death has brought war and corruption to society.”

The photographer told Reuters that his latest work, entitled Inversion, would reflect on how Donald Trump has inverted minds and caused hysteria.


Tunick has become world famous for his photos of nude people like this Mexican shoot (Image: Reuters/ mirror.co.uk)

“Trump is inverting our minds and causing us a nerve racking, internal hysteria,” he told reporters on Thursday. “I think we’re living in a tough and turbid world right now . . . where things are turned on its head.”

Tunick’s last photo shoot in San Miguel took place two years ago when he photographed 100 nude women adorned with garlands of marigolds.

In 2007, he issued an invitation to models to pose nude in Mexico City and 18,000 people turned up.


Spencer Tunick said the work represented how Donald Trump had turned the world upside down (Image: Reuters/ mirror.co.uk)


Spencer Tunick’s “Inversion” to mark the Day of the Dead celebrations (Image: Reuters/ mirror.co.uk)


People pose nude upside down in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, in Spencer Tunick’s shoot (Image: Reuters/ mirror.co.uk)


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