Murder victim who was drowned at Telchac may also be an expat

Murder victim's body bore signs of violence and her feet were bound. (PHOTO:

The Yucatan Attorney General (FGE) has officially confirmed that murder was the cause of death of a woman whose body was found last Sunday in Telchac Puerto.

Based on investigators’ evidence, it was determined that the woman was murdered by drowning.

Although the victim has been identified, the FGE has maintained secrecy surrounding her name and place of origin, as speculation has arisen she could be an expat who lived in Merida.

So far, the body has not been claimed and remains in the building of the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo). It said investigations are well under way and already have some suspects.

Attorney General Ariel Aldecua Kuk said the body showed signs of violence, and that the victims’ feet were bound.

Murder victim's body was found on the beach at Telchac Puerto. (PHOTO:
Murder victim’s body was found on the beach at Telchac Puerto. (PHOTO:

He said investigators are working to identify the perpetrators.

The incident comes on the heels of last Friday’s strangulation murder of Canadian photographer Barbara McClatchie Andrews on the Cancun-Merida highway. According to the prosecutor, despite that the two crimes occurred in a span of less than 72 hours, Yucatan remains the state with the lowest homicide rate in Mexico

“We have figures similar to last year,” he said.

In relation to 2014, last year saw an increase of about thirty percent of intentional homicides.

In the Telchac case, the body was discovered by local residents who reported the body of a woman floating in the sea.

The body had bound feet and blows to various other parts. The autopsy revealed that the cause of death was asphyxia by drowning.

The attorney general said investigations are well under way and in the coming days could have concrete results.