Friday’s ‘Paseo de las Animas’ will bring traffic disruptions in Merida

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If you plan to attend Merida’s Paseo de las Animas Friday Oct. 28 or need to drive or take public transportation near downtown, be aware that traffic will be disrupted by this traditional event that attracts tens of thousands of participants and spectators.

The Municipal Police and the Ministry of Public Security will launch a street closure operation starting Friday at 2 p.m. The main arteries affected will be Calles 64 and 66 south of downtown. The procession follows these two streets to and from the General Cemetery, roughly between Calle 95 and Calle 69.

The closures begin at 2 p.m. and will reopen at the end of the event, as the influx of people permits. Events are scheduled until 11 pm at the Ermita de Santa Isabel.

In order to minimize the harm to the traffic flow, crossings of Calles 69, 71, 73, and 87 with Calle 64 will be maintained with partial closures to passing vehicles, depending on the number of people walking by those arteries.

As alternate routes citizens can use Calles 60, 62, 68 and 70.

Mérida Municipal Police report that street closures may be consulted through social networks, twitter account @PoliciaMeridaMX and in advertisements published soon by the city of Merida in other media.

Paseo de las Animas — What’s it all about?

The “Paseo de las Animas” (Procession of the Souls) is scheduled to start at 6 pm Friday Oct. 28 0n the corner of “El Diamante”, located on Calle 64 (between 73 and 75), continuing to Merida’s General Cemetery, passing by the Ermita de Santa Isabel.

The procession of souls features young people and children dressed in typical Yucatecan costume with faces painted with skeletal features. They are all part of folklore groups from the State Department of Culture.

Throughout the event there will be altars installed by residents, Citizen Participation Councils, civil associations, schools and offices, among others; along with artistic and cultural presentations.

Along the procession path hundreds of altars erected by residents pay tribute to departed relatives.

All activities are free admission.

Paseo de lasl animas (Google)

Paseo de las animas (Google)


– Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. The activity is basically to walk the path with “souls”. The exhibition includes several streets (some with cobblestones).

– Be aware that many of the surrounding streets will be closed.

– If you park your car in a parking lot, be ready for a relatively long walk .

– The altars will be ready for visitors at 6 pm.

– The procession (with costumed participants) starts around 6 pm in the “Punta del Diamante”, Calle 64 between 73 and 75.

– At 7 pm there will be a “Vaquería of souls” in front of the Ermita de Santa Isabel.

– At 8:30 pm there will be a Mayan ceremony in the General Cemetery and 9 pm the “souls” go out in procession from the cemetery.

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