FICMaya Festival 2016 ends with call for appreciation of Mayas’ cultural contributions

Fic Maya 2016 closing ceremony (Photo:

The fifth edition of the International Festival of the Mayan Culture 2016 (FICMaya), came to end on Sunday October 23.

For eleven days some of the world’s best art and culture came to the Yucatecan capital, in order to celebrate and re-evaluate what the ancient Maya civilization brings to the world with its live ancestral expressions manifested through its people: “From the language to the imagination.”

The official closing ceremony of the FICMaya 2016 took place in the Government Palace “Hall of History”, attended by the Governor of the State of Yucatan, Rolando Zapata Bello. He gave a speech alluding to what this fifth edition of the Festival brings to the Yucatan, and above all, what the international academic investigations of this important civilization offers to the world.

The Executive Chairman of FICMaya, Jorge Esma Bazan, who has led and coordinated the work for the realization of this Festival since its first edition, recalled the different academic themes of previous festivals: “Time” in 2012; “Landscape “in 2013”; “Architecture “in 2014;” Science” in 2015; ” Language” in 2016 and in 2017 the theme will be” Cosmogony “.

(Photo: Expreso Campeche)
(Photo: Expreso Campeche)

The central theme for this year’s edition of the International Festival of Mayan Culture (FICMaya), was: “From Language to the Imagination“. The event started on Thursday 13 and ended on Sunday 23 October, and it featured more than 300 different presentations from a number of countries that were invited as part of a genuine celebration of universal and regional culture; but especially to highlight the importance that the Mayan culture has had throughout history.

The Dominican Republic and Tabasco were the guest of honor country and state respectively.

FICMaya headquarters is Yucatán, land of splendor filled with vivid expressions and ancient Mayan culture. All information regarding the activities that took place in this fifth edition, are available on the official website of FICMaya: or social networks (Facebook: International Festival of Mayan Culture – Ficmaya) where you can find photos and videos of different events held throughout ten days, which ended with a call to the world to revalue the Yucatan’s people, through the preservation of indigenous languages.

Fic Maya 2016 closing ceremony (Photo:
Fic Maya 2016 closing ceremony (Photo:





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