Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday Oct. 30 in Mexico

It’s that time of year again, when we all struggle to remember if the clocks go forward or back.

But don’t worry, here’s everything you need to know about the autumn time change so that you don’t accidentally arrive an hour early to any appointment you might have.

(A clever way to remember the hour-change rule is “Spring forward, Fall back“. Easy!)

On Sunday October 30 Daylight Savings Time ends at 2:00 am in Mexico, so the “Electricity Savings Trust” (Fideicomiso para el Ahorro de la Energía Eléctrica: FIDE) recommends to revert your clock one hour on Saturday Oct. 29 before you go to bed.

In a statement, FIDE said that with this time change, the population stops consuming electricity, which also helps to reduce the burning of fuels used to generate the electrical flow.

It also stated that for 33 municipalities along the northern border with the U.S., the time change will not take place until Sunday November 6, when it changes in the U.S.

It is worth mentioning that Sonora and Quintana Roo do not participate in Daylight Savings Time, therefore, people will not delay their watches on Saturday October 30.


With information from Notimex.