Croc attack vicim was aided by paramedics. (PHOTO:

CANCUN – The Nichupte Lagoon in Cancun has registered its second serious crocodile attack in less than a month.

In the latest incident, a man who was sleeping near the lagoon was bitten by a crocodile and taken to hospital with serious injuries.

The unidentified 25-year-old man forced apart a section of wire fencing that encases the lagoon to sneak inside and sleep within the greenspace. Not long after falling asleep, the man was attacked by a crocodile.

The incident occurred late last week in the Cancun Hotel Zone. The man awoke to find he was being bitten about the head by a large crocodile. Witnesses say it appeared as though the crocodile was trying to drag the man into the water, however, the reptile let go of the man after he began defending himself and screaming for help.

Croc attack vicim was aided by paramedics. (PHOTO:
Croc attack vicim was aided by paramedics. (PHOTO:

Emergency 066 received the distress call of a man being attacked by a crocodile. Red Cross paramedics arrived on the scene and transported the man to the General Hospital where his condition was deemed serious but stable.

In September, a 34-year-old American man jumped into the lagoon to swim and was attacked by a crocodile. He also suffered bites to his head and required hospitalization.

There are numerous signs in the vicinity warning people about the dangers of the crocodiles in the lagoon.


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