Lots to discover in Tulum. (PHOTO: istock.com)

Fox News travel contributor Eva Fedderly scopes out Tulum and finds six secrets to be discovered in this Mayan Riviera hotspot.

Looking for a Mexican getaway without the spring break style crowds? Boutique hotels, restaurants, dress shops, and yoga await in the ultra-chic village of Tulum, Mexico.

The village, once inhabited by the Mayans, has no electricity and is powered by solar energy and generators. For decades, yogis and tourists have been flocking to the region to see the historic Mayan Ruins. Today, Tulum has grown into a world-reknown vacation destination with over seventy boutique hotels and dozens of top rated restaurants.

Ruta Uleviciute, a partner at a local Tulum real estate agency, Maya Property Consultants, tells FoxNews.com, “Tulum, once a small fishermen’s village known for its white sandy beaches and turquoise sea, has now blossomed into a magic, hip place with a laid-back relaxing atmosphere. The biggest task is to keep the development under control and construct more eco development to preserve the nature and the spirit of Tulum, which is the main reason why we all love Tulum so much.”

Here are six surprising reasons to check out this Mexican village off the beaten path.

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Source: foxnews.com

Lots to discover in Tulum. (PHOTO: istock.com)
Lots to discover in Tulum. (PHOTO: istock.com)