US voters consider Trump could become U.S. “Nuke Duke”

Forty-six percent of American voters believe that the Republican Donald Trump would use a nuclear weapon to attack US enemies abroad, a SurveyMonkey poll revealed on Friday September 23, according to Prensa Latina, news website.

The survey found that the majority of voters believe that Trump would not pay the country’s debt and that the power of the presidency to punish political opponents would be misused.

The poll was conducted at the request of the Lincoln Leadership Initiative, a new group led by a prominent Republican who is a critic of Trump and advocates rejecting the candidate and returning to the traditional values of the party.

US Voters Consider Trump a Nuclear Danger (Photo: Prensa Latina)

The majority of voters also believe that as a president, Trump would create a database to track Muslims and order military attacks against the families of terrorists.

Around 75 percent of those surveyed believe that during his government, the billionaire would not allow race protests in major cities across the country and that 44 percent believe that he would authorize concentration camps for illegal immigrants.

Although 46 percent see him as a nuclear threat, only 22 percent of his supporters believe that he will start a nuclear war.