Texan attacked by croc in Cancun lagoon says he can’t wait to get back in the water

A Houston man is recovering after being attacked by a 13-foot crocodile in Cancun while spearfishing in a lagoon earlier this month.

Jonathan Schoeneman, 34, received nearly 200 stitches to his head and doctors used metal plates and screws to hold together his jaw, according to KPRC-TV.

Schoeneman was attacked Sept. 1. He said he saw the crocodile approach him before it snapped its jaws down on his head.

“I could hear the bones cracking, just cracking all the time,” Schoeneman told KPRC-TV. “I just fought back as hard as I could.”

Schoeneman said he started punching the crocodile in the mouth with one hand and poking it in the eyes as hard as he could with the other.

Schoeneman, who lives and works full time in Cancun, said he has been swimming and fishing in the lagoon for decades and had seen the crocodile several times before the attack.

Schoeneman spent 12 days in a hospital in Cancun. He returned to Houston while he recovered, but he plans on returning to Mexico and getting back in the water soon.

“The water does not scare me at all,” Schoeneman said. “I’ve been lost at sea. I’ve almost drowned countless times. I’ll never stop.”

Source: dallasnews.com