Security card required for free Roger Waters concert

Roger Waters. (PHOTO:
MEXICO CITY — Fans who plan to attend the free Saturday concert by the founder of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, at the Zocalo should arrive three or four hours in advance and carry a security card.
The Ministry of Civil Protection said that the card contains personal information such as name, blood type, allergies, illnesses, and number of social security or private insurance.

It also includes the name and phone for a person to contact in case of emergency; the format can be downloaded from the website

Roger Waters. (PHOTO:
Roger Waters. (PHOTO:

The Twitter social network account of the head of the branch, Fausto Lugo, recommended attendees not carry valuables and carry only the necessary money.

“If you attend the #RogerWaters concert at # zócaloCDMX carry your security card.,” wrote the official in his account @FaustoLugo.

It is necessary to be aware of children and the elderly, locate evacuation routes, meeting points and medical and health services, Civil Protection and Public Safety.