Mexican airlines gain ground against international competitors


The four largest Mexican airlines — Aeromexico, Volaris, Interjet and VivaAerobus — improved their supply volume and strengthened their role as service providers at a good price, gaining ground against international competitors, Notimex reported., the global travel metasearch engine present in 26 countries from Europe and Latin America, and with millions of users in the region and in Mexico, presented the Fourth Report of Air Prices 2016, which analyzes what are the cheapest and most competitive airlines in the country.

The study revealed that Mexican airlines have excelled on domestic flights, as is obvious, but also on international routes operating with an increasing range of destinations, and also they did it with very competitive prices.


According to the report, Volaris presents itself as the most competitive airline to fly from airports in Mexico, on the routes it operates, dethroning VivaAerobus that held that position in 2014 and 2015.

However, VivaAerobus stayed in the second position and Interjet dropped to fourth among the Mexican companies.

In general, in 2016 a decrease in the price differences was noted, between some companies and others due to increased competition, greater choice and, partly, by the economic situation that has forced companies to make an effort to get the best prices.

The report also noted that Aeroméxico, competing both locally and in major international destinations, maintained its leadership in 2016.

It noted that it remains the best option to travel to Europe and the United States, generally offering better prices than companies from these countries.

For flights to South and Central America, Mexico’s largest airline is also very competitive although in a minor extent.

Some competitors, such as the Colombian Avianca and Latam, are making very aggressive offers to catch the Mexican tourist, which is increasingly important in the region, and to enhance its regional hubs.

The co-founder and director general of, Oscar Frias, noted that “the largest devaluation of the peso against other currencies, like the euro or the dollar, means somes parts of the prices of Mexican airlines have decreased more than its competitors on international routes”.

He added that this, in addition to the supply growth on flights to Central and South America and the United States is turning Mexico into a power and an increasingly important regional hub.