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Merida’s T’ai Spa offers unique Sac-Nicté Ritual

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After 8 years of sucess in the north of Merida, T’ai Spa has opened a second location in Merida’s historic center.

T’ai Spa boutique was created and inspired by time honored Mayan rituals that utilize local ingredients in each and every treatment. Their team is made up of specialized professional therapists.

For T’ai Spa it is absolutely fundamental to feature the Yucatan as a totally unique option in Wellness Tourism, as the state’s culture has a rich heritage of ancient herbalist traditions.

So, for a truly sensory experience, T’ai Spa created their signature Sac-Nicte Ritual! It is based on the Maya legend of Sac-Nicté.

Maya legend of Sac-Nicté

A man married a very beautiful but infertile woman. The husband truly loved his wife and every night asked the gods for a daughter as beautiful as the stars of the Southern Cross, which announce the coming of May, with its rains and abundance of crops. The gods heard his insistent pleas and soon his wife became pregnant.

When May arrived, a very beautiful girl was born, but her skin was not dark like her Mayan people. She was white and pale, and her health was fragile. She was named Sac-Nicté (White Flower).

Growing up, the girl became fond of stargazing every night. When she reached puberty, SacNicté’s health worsened and her skin was becoming more and more white. Her distraught parents called sorcerers, magicians and healers, but none could relieve her of that strange condition (she was an albino).


Illustration by Arnaldo Cohen

The shamans and healers said there was nothing they could do because it was the gods’ will that the child returned to heaven, whence she had fallen to cheer the existence of her parents for a while, and hereinafter shone white and radiant like her sisters, the stars.

So, in May, when fields were full of flowers and the Southern Cross shone the most, Sac-Nicté died, and all the people mourned her and made a lavish burial in the village’s cemetery.

That night, the grieving father dreamed of his little girl asking him not to cry anymore, because she had been chosen to be part of the Southern Cross, and that every year her soul would return to Earth in the shape of a beautiful, white flower.

So the following year, in the month of May, the Southern Cross appeared again up in the sky, and white flowers sprouted on Sac-Nicté’s grave. This type of flower has been known ever since as the “mayflower” (Flor de Mayo).

The Sac-Nicte Ritual is truly a “journey of the senses”, that treats you to the warmth of indigenous flavors of the Yucatan. Sea salt, honey, clay and coconut oil wrap your body in a mixture of natural essences that will make you feel instantly revitalized.

The Sac-Nicté Ritual is a  2 hour Mayan ritual featuring 100% organic local ingredients that will take you on a trip through our region’s colors, scents and textures.

It starts with a Mayan energy cleanse that uses an organic mix of Celestun salt with Dzidzilché bee honey, followed by a wrap that reconnects you to our land through clay enriched with medicinal herbs and Flor de Mayo essencial oil to nourish your skin.

The ritual ends with a relaxing massage using 100% organic coconut oil from the San Crisanto region.

Contact T’ai Spa today to experience the Sac-Nicte Ritual, and immerse yourself in the natural riches of the Yucatan! If you live in the downtown area, you can even walk there!


T’ai Spa

  • Downtown Mérida
  • Calle 62 (between 51 and 53)
    Colonia Centro, 97000, Mérida
  • Northern Mérida
  • Av. Shután Medina #138 (between 11 and 13)
    Colonia Montecristo, 97133, Mérida


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