Irregular pickup prompts PDC residents to dump garbage at city hall

Garbage was left this week at Playa del Carmen city hall. (PHOTO:

PLAYA DEL CARMEN — After weeks of irregular garbage pick up, some citizens of Playa del Carmen have started leaving their own bags of garbage at city hall.

On Tuesday Sept. 13, a few dozen residents showed their displeasure toward the lack of city’s garbage collection by placing their own garbage on municipal grounds during the night. The garbage was placed at the gates of Palacio Municipal while police remained nearby, not becoming involved.

The problem is not only with Playa del Carmen residents but extends to all of Solidaridad including Puerto Aventuras. Business owners there have also voiced their concern about the lack of garbage collection, which led to residents threatening to block the federal highway with garbage if something is not done.

Garbage was left this week at Playa del Carmen city hall. (PHOTO:
Garbage was left this week at Playa del Carmen city hall. (PHOTO:

More than 20 formal complaints from the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism alone have been forwarded to the Municipal Treasury, but without any results.

On Monday, Riviera Maya Hotels Association president, Jean Agarrista Marfin, announced that hotels could hire private garbage collection trucks to provide the service the city is not. However, private residents and business owners feel that since the service is already paid for through taxes, the city has an obligation to provide garbage removal.

Agarrista Marfin explains that, “We have already paid for the service of garbage collection in advance, but now we have to look for other alternatives because we continue to receive guests. If the municipality will no longer provide the service then we need to look for ways to maintain a minimum service in this matter.”

In 2013, a similar garbage collection issue was felt around Solidaridad toward the end of that government’s term. The lack of regular garbage collection has been ongoing for nearly one month.


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