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Quintas Baspul, your second home in Yucatán (Part II)

by Yucatan Times
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In part I of this interview, Quintas Baspul CEO Gerardo Millet Menéndez told us about the creation of this unique housing concept in Mérida. Now, in part II, we will learn that this real estate development was conceptualized with the Expat market in mind 100%.


TYT: Was the Quintas Baspul concept intended for the foreign market in some way?

Yes, the Quintas Baspul concept was created 100% for the foreign market. From the design of the houses, services, bedroom and bathroom distribution, closets, kitchens, outdoor spaces, etc.

One of the characteristics of the houses in Quintas Baspul is that none has a domestic service room, because the proximity of the town of Chicxulub Pueblo allows domestic workers to come to work and go back to their homes in a matter of minutes.

These people make a better profit out of their income as if they were laboring in Merida, because they do not have to spend part of their salary on public transportation and extra meals, they can go to have lunch at home and return to work in the afternoon.

In addition, residents of Quintas Baspul know where their workers live, are acquainted with their family and friends, as the town is only three minutes away, and this gives them confidence, and benefits the local community in different ways.

In many of the Mérida surrounding municipalities, family disintegration has occurred because people migrate to the city in search of a better job opportunity, and this often causes the abandonment of families.

While here in Quintas Baspul, all workers come from Chicxulub Pueblo, which is literally 3 minutes away, they have lunch and dinner with their relatives everyday, they always spend the night at home, they spend much longer time with their children and spouses.

99% of employees walk or ride their bicycle to work, reducing air pollution, and even allowing them to exercise and have a healthier way of life. Chicxulub’s main plaza is just 600 yards away from Quintas Baspul main entrance, which positively makes the development an integral part of the community.

As one of the main features that foreign people appreciate the most of this project, is the fact that the temperature in Baspul is always 2 or 3 degrees celsius lower than within Mérida city limits. Because the rainforest that surrounds the perimeter absorbes a great deal of the sunlight and does not reflect it as concrete does. It is closer to the coast, and therefore the breeze keeps it cooler all year round, and finally, there are no taller buildings blocking the wind.

TYT What does the future hold for Quintas Baspul?

Continous evolution. Quintas Baspul started 3 years ago. If we analyze what it was 3 years back and what it is today, we are looking at something completely different, and not only by the growth in terms of number of properties, but in terms of urbanization as well. We have evolved, adapting to the needs, requirements and requests from the residents, always striving to provide a better product for our customers.

Right now we have over one thousand totally urbanized lots, with cadastral certificates, 250 of them with roads, electricity and water, of which 75 are already sold, 35 under construction, and another 140 to be constructed.

And we still have 900 lots available for sale, all with land registry certificates already, and all of them featuring urban services.

Baspul’s future is to become a community that provides its residents with a high quality of life; simply the best lifestyle you can get in Yucatán in terms of Cost – Benefit.


TYT: What is Quintas Baspul sales procedure, do you work with realtors? How is the sales process handled?

We have our own sales team, we do not work with brokers or real estate realtors, the sale is direct, and you can contact us online, by phone or come directly here to Quintas Baspul.

All our advertising campaign is directed at our own sales team.

We offer custom tours in order to bring potential residents to come to Quintas Baspul for a guided visit, all you need to do is to contact us via email or telephone and we can go and pick up the interested persons at any point in Mérida and bring them here to show them our model homes.

We do work with mortgage brokers, who are in charge of processing the loan, if a customer is interested in acquiring a credit, however, the closing of the deal is always managed by our own sales team, and mortgage brokers are always under our strict supervision.

TYT: Is your sales team capable to perform all the legal aspects involving escrow accounts?

Yes, our team is absolutely trained and certified to take care of all that legal and financial part. We even have an agreement with banks in the United States through a bank in Mexico in which, if a person lives in the United States or Canada, and has an income in any of those two countries,  a loan in pesos can be authorized through that agreement and the money is delivered here in Mexico.


TYT: What message would Quintas Baspul like to send  to the community of foreigners who are looking at the Yucatan as their next place of residence?

First of all, we ask you to please come and meet us. Come and visit our real estate development, see it for yourself and picture you and your family living in this beautiful place, surrounded by nature, and owning one of our premium estates, that you can adapt and modify as you prefer.

We suggest you come and see for yourself before making a purchase decision. Give us the opportunity to introduce you to the Quintas Baspul concept, no hassle, come and check us out, and then go and see other real estate developments elsewhere in Yucatan, we are absolutely positive that you will find us the best option by far.


Contact information:

Km 10, Carretera Mérida-Chicxulub Puerto,
Chicxulub Pueblo, Yucatán, México

Tel: 01 (999) 944 02 83
Cel: 044 (999) 368 09 74
Cel: 044 (999) 242 90 69

Website: https://www.casasenmeridabaspul.com/

Quintas Baspul Social Networks



Interview by Alejandro Azcárate for The Yucatan Times.


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