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Quintas Baspul, your second home in Yucatán (Part I)

by Yucatan Times
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In an exclusive interview for The Yucatan Times, Gerardo Millet Menéndez, CEO of “Constructora Baspul”, stated that Mérida, Yucatán is rapidly becoming one of the most popular destinations worldwide for Americans, Canadians and Europeans looking to settle down in Mexico, or to purchase second home properties, and started the conversation providing revealing information on this issue.

GMM: A couple that moves to Merida with “second home” intentions, has a daily average economic impact of $250 USD, 80 percent more than a regular couple of tourists. We are talking about $92,000 USD per year on average.

For each expat couple that purchase a second home in Yucatan,  5.4 direct jobs are generated on average, which is very important to the state economy. At Quintas Baspul we are providing this important market the ideal option to live up to their expectations and save some serious money on the side.


TYT: How did the concept of “Quintas Baspul” come to exist?

The concept of Baspul arises for two reasons: First, a decreasing supply of one story residences in Mérida, with spacious grounds.

Most of the houses for sale in the city of Merida today, are lots of 8 x 15, or 8 x 20 meters, basically built on a very small piece of land, most of these constructions have two stories, adjoining houses, in which the quality of life is not the expected or desired by most families (or by most Expat couples, in this case).

And the second reason why “Quintas Baspul” came to exist is because the project emerges as a second home alternative for both foreigners and nationals. As we all know, a growing number of people are moving to Merida, not only for medical services, schools, universities, but for the security that prevails in Yucatán along with the high quality of life offered by our society, therefore, not only foreigners, but also many nationals have decided to make Mérida their home, especially in the last 8 years.

Many of these people do not want to lock themselves in a prototype house, or an average home, but are looking for a different project, with more space for their families, featuring all the amenities and basic services at a very affordable price compared to other housing developments in the north of Merida, for example.

Many of these people already live in Merida in one of those 8 x 20 m, two-story houses, where you see your neighbor backyard when open your window, and they no longer want that. So they have chosen to buy a property at “Quintas Baspul”.

We feature one floored larger 2,3 or 4 bedroom properties, with high ceilings, 220 or 230 square meters of construction, with a considerably bigger patio and garden space, worth about 2 million pesos (approximatelly $100 thousand USD), and today, many of the smaller conventional houses in Mérida are worth that same amount.

Many families with young and teenage children have decided to move to Quintas Baspul, since we are only 10 minutes away from the Altabrisa area in northern Mérida, where they can have access to shopping centers, hospitals, sporting clubs, schools, universities, etc.

On the other hand, the city has expanded significantly in recent years, and this growth often brings disorder, traffic, noise and chaos, generating deficiencies in urban services.

Another issue is the fact that this growth has provoked land prices to go through the roof in the so called “Mérida metropolitan area”, but if you buy a house in one of the municipalities surrounding the city, you can get larger properties, at a much more reasonable price, with better services, bigger spaces, less traffic, less noise, greater peace of mind and just a few minutes away from the state capital.

When people buy property at these muncipalities, they help to generate an economic impact and benefit the local community with employment and contribute to make these municipalities sustainable and self-sufficient.

Gerardo Millet M. (right) and Gerardo Millet P. (left) standing by Quintas Baspul Mater Plan blueprint (TYT)

Gerardo Millet M. (right) and Gerardo Millet P. (left) standing by Quintas Baspul Master Plan blueprint (TYT)

TYT: In which muncipality is Quintas Baspul located?

Quintas Baspul is located in the municipality of Chicxulub Pueblo, right next to the Mérida muncipality.

Obviously, this real estate development has generated an economic impact not only in terms of construction permits, water, property taxes, but also by creating jobs in construction, landscaping, gardening, plumbing, carpentry, helping the village shops to have more affluent customers, therefore, increasing their sales in a constant way, and this way Quintas Baspul has triggered greater benefits for the municipality of Chicxulub Pueblo.

TYT: In addition to the aforementioned, what makes Quintas Baspul different from conventional housing offer in Mérida?

As we said, the advantages Baspul offers are one-storey houses, extensive grounds that can be adapted and modified, according to the needs of each family, it is located 10 minutes from Altabrisa in northern Merida, features all the basic services such as underground wiring electricity, water, street asphalt concrete, 8 meters wide streets with sidewalks and street lighting in an environment of peace and tranquility.

But to be right next to the municipal head is a great advantage not only for the people of Chicxulub, but also for the Quintas Baspul residents, as they have access to all services, and they can hire domestic labor at a lower cost than in the city of Mérida.


TYT: Now that you mentioned the underground electric wiring, that is obviously a great advanteg in case of a hurricane, especially talking about faster recovery time.

Indeed, it is much faster and the damage is minor, because the electrical infrastructure is below the ground, perfectly well protected, while overhead wiring suffers a much greater damage in case of a hurricane, since light poles are usually pulled down, and the recovery time is longer.


TYT: What would be the specific value offers for foreigners looking for a second home in Quintas Baspul?

Quintas Baspul most important specific value offers are:

The price of the property in relation with the size of the land. Many of these foreigners, whether they come from the United States, Canada, other countries in Europe, or even elsewhere in Mexico, usually used to live in much smaller properties at a considerably higher price.

Many times they can sell these properties to acquire a property of double or triple in size here in Quintas Baspul and even keep some change.

Then the value proposition is very significant when comparing prices, quality and quantity that Quintas Baspul offers, compared to other places in the world, Mexico or even within Merida. I would say that are most important value offer is the “Cost – Benefit”.

TYT: Can people buy land and build their house to taste, or do they have to choose one of Quintas Baspul’s models?

Right now we have 6 models of houses. However, all the houses have different options and possibilities for growth. It can be a swimming pool, a palapa, a terrace, a recreation area, an area for BBQ, an extra bedroom or bathroom.

90% of the people currently residing at Quintas Baspul have adapted or modified their homes in some way or another.

And that is the concept of residential, functional house in extensive grounds, where residents can go ahead and transform the property at will, according to their specific needs as a family.


TYT: Are there any restrictions on these changes?

Restrictions are:

The house front must remain open, not high walls in the property front, but  on the back of the lot, residents are free to build a wall, or make the adjustments you want, except constructing a second floor, all houses in Quintas Baspul must remain one floored.

There are no restrictions regarding having parties or pets; people who have come to live at Quintas Baspul have fallen in love with the concept immediately, seeking precisely the type of lifestyle that this development provides, in a quiet and peaceful environment where people live in harmony and have respect for their neighbor.

It is important to note that when purchasing a house in Quintas Baspul, you possess a private property, no maintenance fees of any kind are required, every owner is responsible to take care of their own property maintenance.

In part II of this interview we will talk about how the concept of Quintas Baspul was created with the Expat market in mind. But in the meantime, contact them today and set up an appointment to tour this one-of-a-kind real estate development.


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Contact information:

Km 10, Carretera Mérida-Chicxulub Puerto,
Chicxulub Pueblo, Yucatán, México

Tel: 01 (999) 944 02 83
Cel: 044 (999) 368 09 74
Cel: 044 (999) 242 90 69

Website: https://www.casasenmeridabaspul.com/

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Interview by Alejandro Azcárate for The Yucatan Times.

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