Peten Seaside Community: Enjoying coastal life without pretensions (Part II)

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This is the second part of an exclusive TYT interview with Gustavo Cisneros, CEO of Peten Seaside Community in Sisal, Yucatan:

GC: As part of the research, we talked to many foreigners already residing in Sisal, and we realized that one of their most frequent problems was to find a plumber or electrician who could fix any damage they may have in their home (who could speak some English).

The second homes residences owned by foreigners in Sisal, are mostly upscale homes, some in the neighborhood of $ 500,000 USD.

These people told us that from the moment they arrive to Merida’s airport they start to struggle, they have to rent a vehicle that could fit all their belongings, and then head to their beach house, and they finally walk into their beach property, they find there is deterioration (as it’s usually the case in every beach house). These people come to their home for a 15-day vacation, and they  have to spend 10 of those 15 days fixing up the house.

Then, they have to call the builder of the house, who becomes their “guardian angel”, because he is the person that knows everything about the house, he speaks English, and he is the one that ends up sending the handymen from Merida to do the repair work.

This was one of the elements that we took much into consideration for our Peten Seaside Community project: Provide the residents with the proper support services they need in order to avoid these situations.

That is why we have a “Concierge” system, to help them keep their property in good condition, and take care of any repairs so that when the owners come to the beach house, they come to really enjoy their vacation and not to work or to supervise workers who do not speak their language.

Another fundamental aspect of our project is the property value. For example, when buying a house in Chelem or Chuburna, the house has some deterioration, that the new owners can either remodel or fix, but that does not guarantee them that the adjoining property, is not a vacant lot where mosquitoes and other insects and rodents roam free, or a house that is falling to pieces, or a home where the neighbors are screaming all day or throwing parties with loud music until 4 in the morning.

So what we have at Peten Seaside Community is an American type community, where there are rules and regulations regarding many different aspects.

We want our community to be a place where residents can live in peace, tranquility and privacy. A place with image rules and guidelines to be followed, where the buildings are in good shape and visually attractive, where you do not see your neighbor’s underwear hung to dry in the patio, or listen to a dog barking all night.

Now, don’t get me wrong, gatherings and pets are allowed at Peten Seaside Community, as long as you don’t disturb your neighbors.

In our opinion, when you purchase a property in a place without rules, you are already losing 30% of the property value, because you expose yourself to unpleasant situations, which does not occur in Peten Seaside Community, because there are regulations.


When you buy property in a well planned community, it generates surplus value over time and this way you are truly making an equity investment.

So those are the two main elements we want residents of Peten Seaside Community to have:  Services and Real Estate Property Value.

This means that I will be able to fully enjoy my property, and on the other hand I am making a patrimonial investment, that will serve me to retire in the future, because it is proven that over 20% of people usually retire in their second home residence.

But, if for some reason the investor wants to sell the property, in case they decide to move to a city with all kind of services, such as the city of Merida, for example; he/she can be 100% sure that their beachfront property has a heritage value.

That’s the way we see it, it is like an integral asset, which involves an investment that will always pay off, whether you decide to use it as a beach house, live there full time or sell.

On the other hand, the second home market is a market that generates direct jobs for the people of the state of Yucatan, from 7 to 9 direct jobs per household or partner, depending on income level.

Besides this market segment, usually does not have young children, therefore there is no need for schools, does not use the streets during peak hours, does not generate traffic or air pollution, they shop at local markets and stores, resulting in an economic impact for the local population. It is a market that generates many positive things.

And that’s not all, this group of people also triggers more tourism activity, since at least once a year they are visited by relatives or friends who, in turn, use services, they generate traffic at airports, leaving an economic impact, etc.


If you decide to become part of this great community, you will be able to feel the ocean breeze from your living room, while you lay your head to rest each evening, you will listen to the waves whispering as they kiss the shoreline.

Hues of blue and green water will be your window’s view, and open kitchen space will allow you to enjoy seaside entertaining or private dining.

Peten Seaside Community Masterplan
  • Peten Seaside Community offers beachfront condominiums and single family homes in its 6 unique seaside neighborhoods:

Between the white sandy beach of Sisal and the protected flamingo and mangrove reserves, Péten will offer beachfront condos and single family homes in its first phase: Bocana.

Peten Seaside Community

Currently available:

DUNA – Quadplex – 2 Bedroom Beachfront Condos.

MARE – Duplex Deluxe – 2 Bedroom Beachfront Condos.

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Peten Seaside Community

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  • USA/Canada: 1-800-510-3645
  • México: +52 1 (999) 948 0100

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