Fusing local traditions with world class touches, Rosas & Xocolate has stood as an emblematic piece of Mérida’s culinary scene for the past seven years.

The pink hotel made a statement on Paseo de Montejo, and not without risk. Upon opening, Rosas & Xocolate was the only living tourist attraction on the famous street and the first to push the boundaries of the palette and palate.

Carol Kolosz, owner the boutique hotel, teamed up with Design Hotels, and took a chance on a vision. Before Starbucks or Hennessy’s Irish Pub, the restaurant welcomed guests to the prominent street undergoing revitalization.

Image: Rosas y Xocolate Hotel and Spa Merida Yucatan Mexico2
Image: Rosas y Xocolate Hotel and Spa Merida Yucatan Mexico


Setting a precedent for a fresh look at cuisine in the Yucatán’s capital city, Mérida, Kolosz collaborated with Celebrity Chef Mario Espinosa. The idea was to blend regional food with new techniques to bring something revolutionary to Mérida. And they did. Weaving the magic of current Chef, David Segovia, Rosas & Xocolate is an iconic masterpiece.

Chef Mario Espinosa (Photo: travesiasporelmundo.blogspot.com)
Chef Mario Espinosa (Photo: travesiasporelmundo.blogspot.com)


Sunday mornings are special at the hotel and restaurant. With soft jazz playing on the patio in front of Paseo de Montejo at 10am, brunch is perfect  during the hours of La Bici Ruta. (8am – 12 pm) And breakfast is good any day! So what do I recommend? The Huevos Motuleños is one of my favorites, but let’s just say I’ve never had a dish I did not like. The fresh squeezed juice is a perfect complement.


The night takes on an ambiance all its own at Rosas & Xocolate. The magic of evenings on the rooftop Moon Lounge make you feel alive. With live music Friday and Saturday, it is a great place to enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail under the stars.


The hotel and restaurant were designed by Architect Salvador Reyes Rios who made use of every space in simple detail. And it is not a surprise this theme is carried over to the restaurants menu selections. Blending the respect and pride of Yucatecan dishes with innovative twists, the menu is art in its purest form of poetic flavors.


What do I recommend? It is literally impossible to choose just one. But here are some of my recent favorites – Chicken (Pechuga de Pollo), Duck w/ Valladolid Sausage (Pechuga de Pato), Brisket, and the Chicharrón de Pulpo.

I do urge you to save room for dessert, and it’s no secret I’m partial to the chocolate soufflé… I talk about it with my friends around the world. With edible rose petals, it’s one of the things missing from me when I am not in Mérida.

Rosas y Xocolate Hotel and Spa Merida Yucatan Mexico
Image: Rosas y Xocolate Hotel and Spa Merida Yucatan Mexico

Rosas & Xocolate boutique hotel, restaurant and spa is a lovely dream come true. The embrace of roses and chocolate is a statement of romance. Its elegance is timeless, and the food continues to set the standard for Mérida’s award winning cuisine.




by Miranda Allfrey

Miranda Allfrey is an accredited International Travel Writer, with features published in The Yucatán  Times and Live and Invest Overseas. Discovering charming destinations for more than a decade, she  seeks out local experiences, culture, and delicious food wherever her travels take her. Miranda’s  personal travel blog, Cloud Surfing, can be found here- cloudsurfing.life



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