Yucatan, a cluster of innovation in Health Tourism

(Image: CONACYT)

A cluster of innovation in health sectors including biotechnology, telemedicine, pharma, generation of medical devices and medical tourism.

In Yucatan workshops on applied research with the purpose of generating alliances and new businesses were conducted, the head of the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology (SICyT), Edgar Larios said.

“It is a very important factor because it makes life, makes it more optimal and more efficient (…) The importance of the digital agenda at the state level is that technology reaches all social classes with content such as health, benefit of the most vulnerable population, “he said.

the area of Health and Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the four key areas that has status, and that the board recommended to prioritize.

A study on projections of the medical device industry 2014-2020, notes that production in Mexico will increase from 14.627 billion dollars in 2014 to 21,164,000 dollars in 2020, a cumulative growth of 44%, opening up a niche important opportunity for innovation.

(Image: CONACYT)
(Image: CONACYT)

TYT Newsroom with information from www.conacyt.mx/