Authorities have recaptured 2 of 10 inmates who escaped from Cancun prison. (PHOTO:

Two of the fugitives who escaped from a state prison in Cancun were captured early Thursday July 14 as they road in a taxi in the town of Piste, municipality of Tinum, in the state of Yucatan.

The prison warden in Cancún, Joel Flores Cardoso, has been suspended after the 10 inmates escaped late Tuesday July 12. Meanwhile, authorities have identified all 10 escaped gang members. Those still at large are considered dangerous.

Two of the prisoners who escaped from prison in Cancun were captured in Yucatán (Photo: Foto: © Azteca Noticias, 2016)

Prison guards neglected to follow established protocols, according to the Quintana Roo Public Security Secretary, Juan Pedro Mercader, enabling the inmates to restrain the one guard who was present to move them from a dormitory area.

They fled by going over what Mercader described as a relatively low wall; some made their getaway by taxi.

Normally, two guards would be present, and only one door would be opened at a time, but those protocols were not observed.
Authorities have identified 10 inmates who escaped from Cancun prison. (PHOTO:
Authorities have identified 10 inmates who escaped from Cancun prison. (PHOTO:

The Secretary said the prisoners, all of whom are members of a gang known as Los Sureños, might have had help from prison staff in making their escape. But he also said the prison does not meet the security requirements of a state penitentiary.

It was the second escape this week. Mercader said two other prisoners escaped a few days ago, an incident that authorities had not reported until today.

The escapees are considered dangerous. Authorities identified them as follows:

Edgar Laureano Gallardo, alias ‘Crimen’; Francisco Javier Ayona Gonzáles, alias ‘Bembas’; Marco Antonio Noyola, alias ‘CDG’; Juan Pablo Morales Lópe, Javier López, alias ‘Javi’; Víctor Reynaldo Vázquez Mora, alias ‘Chupón’; Miguel Hidalgo Polanco, alias ‘Alvin’; Jorge Armando, alias ‘El Manzano’; Jesús Laureano Corteza Cautiño, alias ‘Chicanito’; Jonatan Michel Ramírez Sánchez, alias ‘Maikol’; y Luis Fernando Licarde Quiroga.