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CANCUN — Doctors in Cancun and the Riviera Maya have seen a sharp increase in heat-related illnesses.

Cancun doctors say there has been an increase in heat-related illnesses from about 5 patients per week to nearly 100 as the consistent heat sends people to seek treatment, mainly for gastrointestional problems and heat stroke. 

Noemi Rodriguez, deputy director of Municipal Health, is recommending people exercise caution and not overdo sun exposure. She also says people should drink fluids and avoid street food.

“It’s important to avoid sun exposure between the hours of greatest intensity. If you are going to be on the beach, then use sunscreen. For workers who work directly in the sun, shaded areas for hydration are recommended.”

(PHOTO: dancesafe.org)
(PHOTO: dancesafe.org)

With the increasing temperatures has come the increase of diseases. Municipal authorities are concerned about the public, especially children and the elderly who are most vulnerable.

“For people in the tourist industry, we recommend at least 15 minutes of shade in between sun exposed sessions to avoid heat stroke,” said Rodriguez.

She adds that eating a lot of fruit and vegetables is best, however for those who eat seafood, make sure it is thoroughly cooked to avoid possible bacteria infections.

Rodriguez also stressed that those consuming foods such as processed meats should keep it refrigerated until cooking time. Never leave anything like meat sit at room temperature because it can quickly generate bacteria that can contaminate food.

People are being reminded to wash their hands thoroughly before eating. If a child or elderly person begins to experience diarrhea or vomiting with a temperature or fever, these could be symptoms of an intestinal infection and the person should be taken to see a doctor.

Source: riviera-maya-news.com

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