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People all over Yucatan are playing Pokemon Go

by Yucatan Times

Have you noticed a lot of people walking around at night while watching their phones?

Pokemon Go, the new APP by Nintendo and Niantic is also raising its popularity in Yucatan. People all over the state are walking everywhere to catch as many Pokemons as they can.


A Pokemon found near Gran Museo del Mundo Maya

Pay some attention, and you’ll notice a whole bunch of people gathered in places like parks and monuments with their phones in their hands.

Just the other day, I saw about 20 people in San Juanistas, the Campestre park, playing at 11:30pm. Some came with their dogs, some stayed in their cars, etc. I even saw a guy wearing a Pokemon cap, just like in the games.


People happily gathered in San Juanistas Park in Campestre playing Pokemon Go at 11pm

The same happens in other places, such as Las Americas Park, where there are lots of people in groups looking for Pokemons in the Mayan fountains and near the marquesita stands or the Concha Acustica.

13699311_10154545644018273_1536895384_oThe thing is, the app has yet to be officially released in Mexico. All of these people were playing with accounts from Australia. Now imagine the day the app officially launches here.

Now, even in Yucatan there is a special way to play this game:

  • Since Mérida is one of the safest cities in Mexico, you’ll notice a lot of children and young adults playing at late hours in the night. It’s safe to play it as long as they pay attention to their surroundings, remember that there a lots of people driving under the influence of alcohol at night, specially in the north.
  • Most of the parks here offer a not-so-bad free wifi so people can save a lot from their data plan or even play without one. Try Plaza Grande in downtown or the Altabrisa Park.
  • It’s a great way to meet new friends, most of the people playing speak English.
  • The APP changes the Pokemons according to the place you are visiting, there are some special places where people can find certain type of Pokemons. You will find more water Pokemons in Progreso beach and more Rock types in the zone of Chicxulub.
  • A great way to know more about Yucatecan culture is by playing with a Yucatecan, name your Pokemons after cultural or political things, it’s fun to do it.
  • Take pictures in this great state along with your Pokemon.

Embrace the Yucatecan culture

All I have to say is that as long as you pay attention to your surroundings and respect other players, you will have a great time playing this amazing game, making new friends and enjoying the beautiful Yucatan. Go and catch ‘em all!


They are everywhere!

Story and photos by Guillermina Santana for TYT


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