Folkloric dancers from Merida are performing in China. (PHOTO:

The International Cultural Meeting, being held in China this week, will have a demonstration of typical Yucatecan cuisine and a presentation of Folkloric Ballet of Merida. According to the government of Merida, to publicize the benefits of Mexican destinations is the result of fulfilling the bilateral diplomatic agreement between the Republic of China and Merida, established earlier this year, under the 474 anniversary of the foundation of Merida.

This agreement, signed by the mayor of the capital of Yucatan, Mauricio Vila Dosal; the Chinese Ambassador Qiu Xiaoqi; the president of the Chinese Association in the Yucatan Peninsula, Bai Yi, and the General Ministry of Chengdu, Qiu Haiming, establishes the promotion of Merida as American Capital of Culture 2017.

Folkloric dancers from Merida are performing in China. (PHOTO:
Folkloric dancers from Merida are performing in China. (PHOTO:

Also, the cultural and tourism exchange, investment opportunities in Merida and formalization of social and cultural projects with the University of Foreign Languages of Shanghai, abound.

For the meeting, held from July 24 to 30, the city of Merida is sending an artistic, culinary and cultural delegation to China, which will start promoting tourism, education and culture of Mexico in some cities of the Asian country.

This delegation is headed by the general coordinator of Community Policy, Victor Hugo Lozano Poveda, and the Director of Economic Development and Tourism, Carolina Cardenas Sosa.