Yucatecan police dog retires with honors after ten years of service

This brave agent and valuable element of the of Yucatán’s State Police K-9 Unit leaves without even a bite on his record.

Amir, is the name of this courageous police dog. He  goes to his well-deserved retirement after a decade of serving in law enforcement. The sad, but emotional announcement was made by General State Attorney Ariel Francisco Aldecua Kuk.

According to information from MVS News, the Retriever is the first element of its kind in retiring from active duty, in which he performed tracking, inspection and detection tasks in a large number of investigations.

Amir during a well deserved homage (Photo: www.sopitas.com)

But what does the future hold for this Yucatan’s State Police K-9 Unit pioneer?

Well, according to Marcia Lara Ruiz, state delegate of Movimiento Conciencia, what proceeds in these cases, is to find an adoptive family for the canine. Of course, he is looking for a kind and loving family. Several dog lovers have offered to take care of him.

Amir with General State Attorney Ariel Francisco Aldecua Kuk and Renan Arjona, State Police K9 Unit responsible (Photo: www.sopitas.com)

Meanwhile, Renan Arjona, State Police K9 Unit responsible, recognized the work of the dog, offering a more than deserved homage, given the long time he worked for law enforcement in our state.

These are Amir’s numbers: 47 raids, numerous operations and patrollings, dozens of vehicle inspections, criminal chases, seizure of narcotics and 27 detentions of subjects related to illegal activities.


Source: Sopitas.com

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