Javier Nava, a Mexican who lived to tell the story of the Orlando massacre

Javier Nava Coria, a Mexican who survived the shooting at Pulse bar in Orlando, Florida, is eager to meet his mom and son, that he has not seen in 11 years.

From his hospital bed in Florida, where he was taken after being shot in the stomach by Omar Mateen, Nava said that it is a miracle that the bullet did not affect any of his organs.

He says that the shooting started around 2:00. “I dropped to the floor like everyone else, I thought about remaining still, but I stood up and that’s when I got shot,” he explained.

Javier Nava Coria, a Mexican who survived the shooting at Pulse bar in Orlando (Photo: Facebook)

Injured, he walked towards a store and climbed the stairs until he got to an office. Four people hid in the same place. From there he dialed 911.

Nava arrived in the United States eleven years ago with a temporary visa and is in the process of regularizing his immigration status with a U visa, for people victims of violence.

Juan Sabines, consul of Mexico in Orlando, met yesterday for the first time with the relatives of those killed in the attack, who got a humanitarian visa from the U.S. government. Three of the four Mexicans that died in the attack will be repatriated to Mexico, and each of the families will receive US$7,500 for funeral services. Two of those killed were not legal residents.


Source: http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/